You have probably already heard about 11-year-old weightlifter Elle Hatamiya. She has recently gone viral with her story of how she has impressed people at the gym. It is easy to tell what a bright future is waiting for this brave and perseverant girl.

Before we start mentioning what things we can learn from Elle, it is important that you don’t feel discouraged. What we mean is that if you are an adult and you see how this girl seems to have achieved so much in such a young age, you may think it is too late for you. Success does not really recognize age. It might come at an early age or later in time. This only proves that we all have our own time. Take Elle as an inspiration regardless of your age. You might be heading in the same direction.

Hard work pays off

In order to achieve our goals, we must put hard work into it. This means that we need passion. This passion will drive and push us whenever we feel like we cannot go on. Elle has already won several championships in gymnastics and weightlifting.

Any age is the age to work hard

Elle began training at the early age of 7. Since then, she has been able to successfully manage school life along with her training. She may not have the 7 to 5 routine, but then she is only11. 

Support from families and friends is important

In order for her to succeed, the support of her mother has been important. Whenever you engage in some activity or have set yourself a goal, your close friends and family might be the best support you can have. 

No more excuses

The story of this amazing girl should help us to stop procrastinating and get to work now. If she was able to find the determination to say “today I start” then you can do it as well.