Volleyball: Volley ball is a group sport which involves 6 people on each side of a net. This popular sport is mostly played indoors, although beach volleyball is a played outdoors. The gear needed for this sport: knee pads, elbow pads, a volley ball, and a net.

Soccer: Girl’s soccer is fast gaining popularity worldwide. This sport involves a lot of running. It builds team work and helps the girls to keep themselves absolutely fit. The equipment needed for soccer is a soccer ball, athletic shoes with cleats and shin guards.

Basketball: This group sport is a strenuous and fast paced sport for girls. It involves a lot of running. It also strengthens co-ordination and the upper body. It promotes team work skills. The equipment needed besides a basketball hoop is a basket ball and good athletic running shoes.

Tennis: This game can be an individual game or played with a partner. It is not as fast paced as soccer and basketball but equally strenuous. The equipment needed is a tennis racquet and a tennis ball and athletic shoes.

Soft Ball: This is a group sport. It does not involve a lot of running throughout the game. It strengthens the upper and lower body and it builds hand-eye co-ordination. It requires quick-thinking and team work. You will need a softball glove, a bat, and a softball.

Lacrosse: This sport requires good team work and a lot of running. It is about passing a small ball between players using a lacrosse stick and scoring a point by throwing the ball past a goal keeper. This game is very fast-paced and requires each player to be quick thinking and knowing where every player on the team is. Team work is essential. It requires a lacrosse stick, a ball, helmets, eye protection, and a goal.

Field Hockey: This sport uses a ball instead of a puck and is played on a grass field. You need a hockey stick to manoeuvre the ball into the goal. This sport requires teamwork, excellent hand-eye coordination, and communication between players.