Regular exercise can keep us active and healthy but the same routine can become boring after a while and make us lose interest in doing exercises. There has to be a motivator or motivation to return to the gym and continue exercising.


Create a goal that can be achieved. If you are working out or doing exercises for the sake of doing them, then the exercises can become boring. Example: If you want to lose or shed some weight, have a goal of losing one pound this week. Figure out how many calories equal one pound and what kind of exercise needs to be done and for how long.


Pedometer: This device has a huge impact on the heart health and motivates you to keep yourself fit by monitoring the steps you take daily. A study has revealed that the person who wears a pedometer increases their walking by at least 2000 steps daily.


Get a workout partner or a friend who has the same goal so you can encourage one another during workouts.


Listen to Music. Have a playlist of your favourite songs in your phone or ipod to listen to music while exercising.


Alternate workouts regularly. Doing the same exercise daily can be boring so change the order of your routine. For example, if you run every day on the treadmill or outdoors, do a different exercise like badminton, cycling, or swimming.


Watch TV while exercising. If you are exercising on a treadmill or an elliptical machine, have a TV in front of you. Increase your speed at every commercial. A 30-minute workout will seem like 10.