Most females want to have a slim, fit body and not be considered having “masculine” features. Luckily the standards of our society have changed; now any woman can change her life however she wants, including her body. Weight-lifting was considered for a very long time a male-only activity and one of the main reasons why women did not participate because they assumed that this would give them large muscles. Is this true?

Weight-lifting, in general, will tone the muscles and help increase them. However, it is difficult, especially as a female, to gain large muscles without doing it on purpose. To gain large muscles you would have to train constantly for months and maintain a diet based on proteins. If you only lift small to medium weights, there will be no significant increase in your muscles, but it will tone your muscles and be an obvious improvement in your body.

When you have larger muscles, you also burn more calories and you can move with ease. Many women get scared when they see the numbers on the scale going up, but this only happens because muscles are heavier than fat; you can lose extra inches on your abdomen, but you gain muscles so you have the feeling that you are gaining weight. If you look at the changes in your body objectively, you will notice how much more fit you look now, and how much your body has changed.

There are different types of training and different sets of exercise; each one is designed to make certain changes in your body. Find out what is suitable for you and your body, and how much are you willing to work to get in shape.