Advanced bird-dog exercises are effective training for core stability. If you want to try this exercise, you should understand that this is not a simple form of physical activity. In fact, even individuals who have been training for quite some time still find the bird-dog exercises a bit difficult.

If you want to carry out the bird-dog exercise, start by keeping your spine in neutral position or at least have a slight curve while moving your arms and legs. This promotes core stability. It tests the ability of your spine to stay in place even when your limbs are moving. Carry out the arm and leg movement in a smooth and controlled manner. Once you get the momentum, hold it for a couple of rounds of abdominal breathing. You may use a foam roller to ensure that your back remains stable throughout the exercise.

The advanced version of bird-dog exercise is comprised of strong leg raises parallel with the torso. Not everyone will love the advanced bird-dog exercise but everybody should have the ability to perform it. However, it is not advisable to force your body to do it perfectly on your first try. Begin with bird-dog exercises for at least 5 minutes every day. A few minutes of advanced bird-dog exercises can make a big difference in the strength of your body.

When performing the bird-dog training, it is important to focus on a neutral spine. You should not press your lower body. Do not forget that your abdominal breathing should be slow and controlled.