One very important factor, which needs our attention, is that we are leading a sedentary life, which results in both physical and mental deterioration. Consistent exercise is a guarantee to keep us fit, making our mind and body sturdy. Even when we are fifty or more, we can keep ourselves fit by doing exercises, though there has been a tag to old age, that when we grow old, there will be a likelihood that we would suffer from senility!
 We do not want to frighten any one.  We just wanted to show a mirror to you that applying exercises in your daily routine can lead you to a longer life. According to a statement of the WHO, that by 2020 in India, there would be 9 persons in every 10, who would suffer from depression. Frequent use of tobacco and other addictive drugs and excessive consumption of liquor has crippled us so much that, our mental health has converted into dormancy, which is really a big problem for any nation. Heart attacks, diabetes and symptoms of mental sicknesses, such as stress, worries, obsessions, etc; are on the rise. Intensive exercise are being done at the working places, because unlimited indulgence in the work often causes stress, abnormal fatigue and stress are catching us, despite all possible steps to nip them in bud are being taken vigorously, and yoga, a wonderful  largesse from India to all the world over, has been included in school curriculum.