Exercising has many benefits, and if you exercise properly, you can have all of them. But, besides usual instructions on how to exercise and when, there is one more advice that will help you with exercise. Food is also very important in any kind of exercising, so it is very important to fitness. Basically, you need to eat healthy food, but you also must eat food rich in proteins, vitamins and fat. Because your body is using more energy while exercising, you will need to increase intake of nutrition.
Milk is one of the best food for people who want to increase endurance and strength. It has proteins that are used in healing muscles, calcium, which is necessary for bones. Also, drinking of one glass warm milk, before going to sleep, can increase levels of serotonin (hormone of happiness). Chocolate milk is very useful, too. Although, you think chocolate milk is unhealthy, it contains carbs to give you energy and proteins which are used in repairing muscles.
If you like eating dried fruits, this is great. They contain high levels of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, vitamins, and minerals. They can give you energy, and, as a result, you will increase your endurance. If you don’t like dried fruit, broccoli can give you similar nutrition. It also contains minerals, vitamins and folate (folic acid used for heart health and for women helping them to conceive). It contains high levels of calcium, besides it is good for your bones, and lack of calcium may cause stress and anxiety! Daily intake of calcium must be 700mg, during the diet or in ordinary eat plan.