Have you ever picked up a magazine and see a model with killer abs and wondered how he managed to pull those abs of? Well, if so you are in luck as in this article we will be looking at how you can be able to get killer abs just like guys in magazines courtesy of Chris Ryan, a 35-year old top-flight model in the U.S. So how will this workout work? Well, according to Ryan it is important that you find a routine that will be able to work your entire core. “Each movement which have been listed in all this routines will work out your entire core,” Ryan said. “Most of these workouts will work out hard to reach areas such as the transverses abdominis as well as the obliques to some of the most hard to reach areas of your back.”

So without further ado, here is how you can be able to get that killer magazine type abs that you have always wanted. 

Chinese Plunk Face Up
For you to be able to do the Chinese plunk face up you will need a set of two boxes that are to be placed apart from each other at a reasonable distance. One of them should place the two in such a way in which your feet will be supported while shoulders rest on the other one. Now proceed by lying back on the boxes while making your body straight and rigid. Point your toes and take your rams and try to reach out overhead. One there, ensure that you hold, do this with your core braced.  

Here is something to have in mind while doing this workout. Make sure you go for 4 sets while holding 5 to 30 sec between reps. 

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