A fad diet is an unhealthy option consisting of an unbalanced diet that promises a quick fix to weight problems. These diets claim to make one lose fat but in the reality they only shed the water weight which returns when one gets back to their normal eating habits. Fad diets are marketed to target people who want instant weight loss without actually exercising. Here are five ways to spot a fad diet:

Zero Exercising Required

Weight loss works by burning more calories than what you take in. To burn calories you need to exercise. A diet that markets weight loss without having to work for it will subsequently encourage you to eat abnormally. A healthy diet should incorporate both healthy meals and exercise not just for weight loss but also for good health.

Promotes use of Diet pills

Diet pills, also known as Super pills, work by suppressing a person’s appetite while at the same time blocking the body’s absorption of carbs, fat, or calories.

Most of these diet pills lack scientific backing to prove their effectiveness and they just end up hindering the natural mechanisms of the body.

Rapid and unrealistic weight loss

Fad diets advertise unreal weight loss, such as 20-30 pounds in a week. This is a red flag if you are looking for a long-term plan that will not harm you. To achieve this goal you have to subject yourself to a low calorie diet that may cause health defects such as malnutrition.

A one-shoe-size-fits-all weight loss plan

Different body types have different metabolism, nutrient requirements, and energy required for weight loss. A fad diet does not fit with any individual lifestyle and is therefore not sustainable.

Completely cutting out some food groups

Carbohydrates and fats are part of a healthy balanced diet. When you are required to give these up completely, it probably is a fad diet.

There are so many advertisers claiming to have the answers to what a person should eat. We can use the above list to recognize fad diets from healthy options.