The ill effects of stress on health are myriad and, more often than you think, serious. Contemporary life, especially, pits against stressful situations time and again. Here are three simple ways you can relieve yourself in times of stress, and prevent its effects from getting to your health. 

The quiet focus and emptiness of thought required in meditation relieves anxiety and improves your ability to stop stress from reaching higher levels. The deep, controlled breathing also lowers your blood pressure and drops your heart rate, which calms the body and releases tension.

The exertion and busy movements involved in exercise appears as an outlet to the body that relieves stress, and eases tension in muscles and improves mood through the hormonal changes it brings about.

Laughter induces the release of chemicals in your body that lighten your mood, and also reduce levels of the stress hormon, cortisol. Find something that best amuses you and take a few minutes to switch off and unwind with a few laughs. You'll recover from stress faster than you think. 

Managing stress is fairly uncomplicated, you just need to be mindful of when to pause and engage in some of these activities to relieve yourself of some pressure, before it really starts affecting you.