Yoga is excellent for you, but hot yoga is even better. The studio temperature can vary from 90 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will sweat a lot. When we sweat, we eliminate harmful substances out of our body and we lose fat faster. But, this is a demanding task, so you will need to be prepared. This is also the first step. You will have to wear light clothes made from water-wicking material. Also, you must wear something that will prevent slipping.

A good side is that you can rest anytime you want. As the name suggests, it will get hot in a studio, and you will sweat a lot. If you need rest or you feel lightheaded, you must take a break. This isn’t a mistake, it is just something you have to do. In order to prevent lightheaded, you will have to bring a lot of water. Just one bottle usually isn’t enough. Hydration is very important in hot yoga.

You will also have to eat a lot. In fact, you can eat during the whole day, just avoid eating an hour or two before a class. If you must, you can eat something small that will give you energy for a couple of hours.

Hot yoga isn’t just about sweating. You will use your lower and upper body strength and you will build strength over time. This is a great muscle workout as well. Also, hot yoga is much better for your muscle flexibility than a regular yoga. Heat can make muscles stretchier. The same difference is in the summer and in winter.