Majority of the people who work out at the gym or home focus too much on the weight exercises to tone their muscles. However, there are many other exercises that are beneficial for your overall body building and fitness. One such exercise is push-up exercise. They have the following benefits. First of all, you do not usually need any equipment to do the push-up exercise. This pretty much means that you can do them wherever and whenever you want. You can get started with the push-ups at the home or even when you are out for running in the morning. While there are some advanced level push-up exercises that require certain equipments such as dumbbells, most of the basic ones can be done without any. While a particular weight exercise may only affect one specific muscle, most of the push-up exercises help in toning a lot of muscles. While you are doing the push-up exercise you are actually putting several muscles to use. You can get your biceps in better shape with push-ups while building your abdominal, quads, lower back, and hip muscles. The chest muscles also get engaged while doing the push-ups. The best thing about push-ups is that they are not only meant for muscles. They also affect your overall fitness. When you are regularly doing push-up exercises, you are also increasing your strength, stamina, and endurance levels. At the same time, to a great extent, they also serve as cardiovascular exercises too. This exercise can also set the stage for some weight exercises by making you strong overall.