As indicated in our first article on how one can be able to avoid running injuries, there are several ways in which you can be able to avoid running injuries and as a result I will be sharing with you tips on how you can be able to avoid running injuries. 

Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Another mistake that many of tend to make is pushing ourselves too hard when it comes too running. You might end up finishing the first one but speed generally tends to be your enemy. Shin splints, sprains as well as stress fractures are just some of the injuries that are associated with one pushing too hard when it comes to running. It is advised that you give your some break after a grueling workout, as this will help you I coming back strongly. 

Running By Pace
Another mistake that many people tend to make is Running by pace. By doing so you will be derailing your workout in that normal running pace might end up being harder and as a result you will end up using lots of your energy or to a point where your body will start using to much glycogen as compared to oxygen.   

Diving Into Speedwork

Another mistake that people tend to do is diving into speedwork. Many running injuries are usually brought about diving into speedwork. That said I would advice that you leave running for speed for situations where you are training for a time goal. Speedwork is usually advised during such occasion because it helps in training your body, mind as well as spirit to perform at a high level.