A physical exercise form that comprises on aerobic exercise with rhythm accompanied by strength training and stretching is called Aerobics. The routine is to improve all the levels of fitness elements. The term and the exercise methods specific to aerobics were devised by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, M.D and Col. Pauline Potts. Dr. Cooper’s book Aerobics includes scientific exercise programs aimed to achieve good levels of physical fitness. The worldwide recognition of aerobics came with the exercise videos of Jane Fonda, which were released in 1982.

The main goal of aerobics is an overall improvement in all the fitness factors like cardiovascular fitness, along with muscular strength and flexibility. The exercise form is usually performed accompanied by high tempo music. It might be practiced in a group under an instructors or fitness professional’s supervision. In case there is lack of the accompanied factors like music and group then it can be done without them as well. The main aim is to improve the overall physical fitness thus preventing decline in the physical health.

A formal aerobics class can be segregated in different sections as per the intensity and complexity levels. This variety helps one to choose their desired routine according to their capability in physical fitness. Almost all the gyms nowadays offer a wide variety of aerobics classes. Each class has been designed for a specific experience level and is supervised by an instructor who specializes in that area related to the particular class. The most common forms are freestyle, step, sports and water.