Carrots are found to be the favorite of rabbits, but they are quite good enough for men also.  A diet rich in carrots is going to give you sufficient quantities of vitamin A in the natural form. They are the for runners when it comes to good-eyesight-promoting beta-carotenes. They are very good when it come to improving the eyesight, particularly if you want some help in improving night-vision.

Inclusion of carrots in the diet becomes essential for those recovering from an eye-infection. This is because carrots are known to be rich in vitamin A, something good for eyesight. They are easily available and are available in plenty in summer and in fall seasons. This is the time when they taste the best. They are known to grown as long as three feet, but they are also known to be as short as two inches in length.

Besides this, carrots are known to be a rich source of vitamin C. this makes them best when you are combating a slight infection like a common cold or even a big one like pneumonia. Carrots are virtually a mine of vitamins and minerals required for a good functioning of the body's immune system.

Carrots are known to lower your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. For anyone subscribing to a diet rich in carrots, cardiovascular diseases are something that he or she is not to know in the near future. Those who consume about 25 mg of carrots everyday are found to be less prone to these disorders of the cardiovascular system.