Take Vitamins. In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity researchers asked 96 obese women to take vitamins and calcium, or placebo, over the period of 26 weeks. The group that was taking vitamins had significantly less body fat. Scientists agree that even though taking vitamin supplements is not a diet per se, it might help reduce the urge to eat as much as we do.

Sit at the end of the table. When attending dinners or cocktails, we tend to overeat. According to psychologist Stephen Gullo, who wrote The Thin Commandments Diet, sit at the end of the table, far away from chips and bread which are usually served in the center of the table.

Subscribe to snail mail and email newsletters about health. Health and weight loss websites always come with an option to subscribe to their emails. Do so. It has been found that people regularly reading such emails started eating less after 16 weeks! This is an incredibly easy way to take some of that weight off – just do some reading over your morning coffee. It will both relax you, educate you, and ultimately have an impact on your weight.

Sleep in complete darkness. A study by the Ohio State University has found that mice which slept in complete darkness were less prone to gaining weight than the mice who slept in dim illumination. The latter group of mice also ate at very unusual times – i.e. at night. So turn off all lights before you go to bed and enjoy the serenity the darkness brings.